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""i wrote ur name in the sky, but the wind blew it away, i wrote ur name in the sand, but the waves washed it away, i wrote ur name in my heart, and forever it will stay"" "Do not run through life so fast, that you forget not only where you have been, but also where you are going, life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way." "when i lonely,i wish ur love, when i down,i wish ur joy, when things get complicated,i wish ur faith, when things look empty & i wish ur hope."


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aku sgt suke lagu nie..... :Cute_Panda_16:walaupun x faham ape senikata dia tp lagu nie best...

aku baru jumpa yg ade translate kepada x tau lew kan...betul ke x tu wallahualam..

:Cute_Panda_07:ade yg cakap bukan my eden tp my paradise...x kisah lew pape ade x sesape yg ble tolong aku cari mp3 lagu me...helpe me ...plzzz...plzzz..:Cute_Panda_20:

jom kite layan lagu..aku letak sekali lirik yg dah di translate...:Cute_Panda_18:

Translation by intelliRocket:
"My Eden"

1st verse:

It seems that's what my Eden is -
---[Naverno, eto moy ray -]
To look for his reflection
---[Iskat' ego otrazhen'e]
In pieces of sable color,
---[V predmetah chernogo tsveta,]
To find out May's faint notes in a voice.
---[I slishat' v golose may.]

It seems that's what my Eden is -
---[Naverno, eto moy ray -]
In beams of daylight in a window
---[V luchah okonnogo sveta]
The sky feels just so close,
---[Tak blizko kazhetsia nebo,]
Whenever eyes are full of Eden...
---[Kogda glaza tsveta ray...]


So that's fine he isn't aware of someone like me,
---[I horosho, chto on ne znaet pro takuyu kak ya,]
Of winter being just vanilla snowflakes in my dreams.
---[I chto v mechtah moih vanil'nie snechinki - zima.]
And just snowstorms and eternal ice are under bare soles.
---[A pod shagami bosonogimi meteli i liod.]
He will never abandon my intentions anymore.
---[On bol'she nikogda iz misley moih ne uydet.]

And I could find no reasons not to exclaim That Is The Very Love!!!
---[I mne ne stidno zakrichat o tom, Chto Eto Lubov'!!!]
His words just burnt my heart and blood down to ashes for a moment.
---[Ego slova na tri minuti tak prozhgli moyu krov'.]
I keep convincing myself that everything is fine,
---[Ya prodolzhau povtoriat' sebe, chto vse horosho,]
But I realize he is needed by me, once more.
---[No ponimayu, on mne nuzhen, nuzhen esche.]

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